Examples of Recent Projects and Results


Creating a Vision and Mission

Client Request: The Leadership Team wanted a vision and mission statement that they really cared about.

Our Approach: We first interviewed several members of the leadership team to better understand the complexities of their business and the dynamics within their team. With that information, we created a two-day fully customized leadership offsite meeting for 25 leaders. We facilitated a high energy but deeply impactful offsite and together the leadership team crafted a new mission and vision statement and drafted a communication strategy.

Result: By the end of the second day, the entire group was chanting their new hashtag and had a concrete plan of how this was going to be communicated to the entire organization. We checked in on them 6 weeks later and the new mission had been communicated and the staff were on-board. High fives all around.

Connecting the Leader to the Organization

Client Request: The owner and creative director of an (outstanding) award winning bakery and wholesaler wanted to be more connected to the business. He wanted to know what his management team really needed from him.

Our Approach: We started with executive coaching, including observing the owner in the bakery and restaurant. Then we administered a 360 assessment and then interviewed the leadership team of their multiple locations, helping the owner have a better understanding what they needed to be successful.

Result: This culminated in a facilitated team meeting where together the management team candidly discussed company priorities and the shape of the organization, which was a company first!


An Alternative Approach to Leadership Training

Client Request: A large, global organization wanted to retain and grow their "high potential" middle managers. They wanted hard (and lasting) results for the business as well as soft skills development for the individuals.

Our Approach: We built a bespoke 6-month leadership training program for 20 key mid-level managers, incorporating 1-1 coaching, group facilitation, online individual assignments and final presentations to executive leadership showcasing their progress on their strategic goals as well as their personal and professional development.

Result: Clear ROI all around. The executive leadership was able to see behavioral changes, hear their lessons learned over the duration of the program and see the financial gains from the work they did on the strategic initiatives. The organization also experienced increased staff morale and talent retention. (Click below to learn more about a similar program available to the public.)