We are on a mission to build Powerful Modern Leaders.

In an ever changing work environment, it is the Powerful Modern Leader who figures out how to navigate through a matrixed organization, connects to their client base, takes risks, innovates, and is relentless in the pursuit of getting better. They inspire us by both caring deeply about results and putting people first.

Power is earned and given by people. At the core of true power, is a strong, mutually respectful relationship.

Modern workplaces seek to be market disrupters - encouraging an environment that celebrates creativity, collaboration, communication and diversity.

Leadership resides within all of us - it's the ability to see the bigger picture and develop ourselves and others to be better and to achieve great things, together.

Core Values

We treat all employees (yours and ours) like Human Beings.

  • We are all wonderfully and weirdly different with unique backgrounds, stories, super powers and challenges. We also have complex lives, wear a myriad of hats and are playing a constant balancing act. EQUALibrium was originally founded from our need to find balance (hint: the name) and we aim to help others to find the same.

We communicate. We communicate. We communicate.

  • We believe that nearly every problem that arises in the workplace can be overcome when members of the organization keep the lines of communication open and the dialogue flowing. There is less confusion, more clarity, higher levels of trust and better solutions found. We model this core value with every client and on every project.

Accountability is Key

  • We can do more together than we can alone. Holding each other accountable for what we have committed to enables us to succeed. Not only do we practice this internally, we build follow-up into every project and act as an accountability partner for our clients.

We help companies build their employees into Powerful, Modern Leaders and achieve tangible RESULTS including:

  • higher employee engagement
  • greater staff retention and less turnover
  • increased innovation and collaboration within teams and across the company
  • higher productivity and connectedness to strategic initiatives
  • improved organizational health based on strong leadership everyone can trust